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Staying at the Finka (Farm)


Holla Holla!

Its been 9 days since I last wrote and since then we have not had running water, electricity or a mirror... I looked in the mirror before the first shower today and looked pretty tanned. But turns out it was mainly dirt haha!

Before we left Taganga a Canadian chappy called Franswa (spell???!) reccomended that instead of the National Park we should visit his friends farm. With a little persuasion from Lewy we decided to go and this led to an incredible, rainy and grubby 8 days.

We showed the bus driver the name of the farm and asked him to take us there. He stopped the bus along a long highway in the middle of no where gave us our bags and drove off. There was a small entrance into a jungle path so we guessed that was it and headed with back packs on in the SWEATY jungle. Took an hour and a halfs trek (on a terrible hangover) which i must admit was enjoyable...we had to walk through rivers and saw butterflys that were the size of both Lewys hands put together.

As we finally arrived at the end of the trek we saw an epic beach that was incredibly vast. The sea looked horrifying with gigantic dark waves crashing bringing in tonnes of sticks and wood from the flooded river. The first storm was starting and the Jungle trees were windy... it looked prehistoric. We walked along the beach and arrived at the farm (photos on Facebook). It was built by a guy mainly consisting of wooden shacks made from palms, no elecy, a termite mound for the stove, only river water to drink and wash in, all sorts of animals as part of the family, a hole for the loo, a crazy Colombian host called Alex and three friendly Canadians who are still with us now :)

I was like "aghhh how will i cope" Lewy had a huge smile on his face he was in his elemant. We stayed for four days and had electrifying storms every day, we sat swinging in our hammocks most of the time in the hut with thunder above us, a very angry sea and our books to read. I came round quickly and fell in love with the place. At meal times we cooked huge meald which the cats, hourses, turkey, dogs and chickens ate with us. At 5.30 there was no light so we sat by the fire getting torn to shreds by mosquitos, drinking rum and playing cards. At night I was terrified and did not sleep a wink... could here anll the Jungle animals and it was so dark i was trying not to cry! But then the day times made up for that!

All 7 of us ( us 2, 3 lovely Quebeckeeees and Crazy Colombian Alex and his lady friend) left the Finka after 4 days to head to the top of the continent....

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Venezuela to Colombia

sunny 30 °C

Hi lovers!

We are having trouble loaing photos to the blog so will be best to see them on Facebook. Baically they take ages to load and we dont want to miss the sun!

The last couple of days in Venezuela were in Coro as we mentioned... the highlight was going sandboarding in the desert AMAZING (mainñy because i was better than Lewy which he has admitted but is not here as i write to tell me to take it out haha). It was mega hot and as the sun went down all the dunes turned pink which was spectacular. From there we woke up at 6.30am the next morning to begin the mamouth trip to Colombia.

This started with a three hour bus ride on a bus with no aircon and it was stinky. We were literally dripping by the time we reached the huge industrail city called Maracaibo which is the last Venezuelan city on the border to Colombia. From there it was mental!

We got off the bus and loads of people rushed over to us saying loads of jibbersish and trying to persuade us to go with them to colombia. We had to choose one of the mentalists so went with the one who unfortunatly had a car not even road worthy for a... well i dont know anything! The photos will come soon so you can see. We did not have enough money to pay for the ride (which was a shared car with another wierd guy and a colombian which we picked up on the way) and to pay our exit tax but the driver was speaking in sapnish saying sont worry ill lend you dont wory. We were stressing out as it was so sketchy and they were pressuring us and pushing us in... so we thought to hell with it and got in.

Along the way the Venezualan driver and passangers were so nervous they were getting drunk for dutch courage. We just sipped our water in the back nervously, where the windows were stuch and there were no seatbelts or door handles. On the two hour journey the Venezueñan police checked our passports 12 times, they want money apparently but we had done nothing wrong. Then as we crossed the border the driver and front passangers wound up the window as they did not want people to seee in. They were laughing saying we wold die in Colombia. Naturally we were shitting ourselves.

As we crossed we saw tanks guarding the oil sites from the FARC!

Things soon changed. As soon as we reached the colombian bus station we were hurried on a coach where we wanted to head to a place called Santa Marta (8pm at night) Here we smiled happily as everyone smiled at us and said hello, gave us tonnes of whisky and welcomed us to Colombia. This you would never get in Venezuela. Then we knew we had hit luck. Lewy sat next to a lovely Argentinian who told us to come to the hostel he was working in, he shared a cab with us after the 4 hour bus ride and took us to a little town called Taganga.

I never want to leave! Its friendly and cheap (the opposite to Venezuela) and the sun is awesome but there is wind at night... boom!

We will leave however and on thursday we are going to a national park where we will kip in hammocks for a few days on the beack.

Sorry this is such a long entry... I must stress that I cant capture the treasure that Colombia is... words cant really explain!

Love to you all x

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Bloomin Mosquitos!

sunny 30 °C

Hi All,

We had a great time relaxing in Choroni with Brian and a lovely couple from Slovenia. We mainly stayed up drinking rum and loosing things in translation but it was fun. Choroni is a very secluded sea side village and there was not much to do in the evenings. So we were pretty excited to hear there was a small gathering in the square with all the men playing drums and Brian shaking his crazy maracas. Then some young Venezuelan teens started speaking to us who were on holiday there, they were uni students in a town called Velenvia. We went back to their holiday complex which was hidden by walls and gates and swam in the pool whilst their butler passed us any drinks we wanted- was all a bit mental considering the rest of the twon is so poor!

Then we went to Chiriviche, which took a few hours of bus to the west. Its in the national park Morrocoy which is basically loads of perfect tiny islands. The town however is a complete dive. We couldnt find anywhere cheap to stay but we ended up with this mental grandma who was in love with Kerri. But there was air con which was nice while we stayed in and avoided the mafia and mosquitos. It rained a lot there so the sea had become a bit dirty, filled with deposits from the landslides up river. But we did a tour with Fred who was pretty sound, we went round to some caves with ancient writing in and then round all the islands. The beach was lush, but like I said it wasnt perfect, so we only stayed a day and two nights.

Now were in a colonial city called Coro. We had a free tour yesterday by a friendly local and went to a Jewish cementary and some really shit museums. We prenteded to be interested to spare her feelings but it was tough translating local and ecclesiastical history for Kerri so I added a bit to make it more interesting. Its a beautiful city though and was founded in 1526 and was the first capital of Venezuela. If you want more information please email. haha. Anyways now were are going sandboarding and watch the sun set. Its a tough life.

GOing to Colombia tomorrow as its too expensive here, prices are almost the same as England. Long bus ride so see you on the other side.


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Crazy and Colourful!

-29 °C

Hola camareros!

Its all been a bit of a whirl wind since landing at Caracas Airport. As soon as we touched down in the airport Lewy was hollard off by a man for some money exchange i was left telling the hotel that they could not have my telephone number when actually they were asking my name! The biggest shock of my life being stood in a place where no one can speak any english and everyone speaks so fast.

However that feeling of wanting to hide in the backgroud soon left after a good nights sleep and Lewys fabulous spanish skills getting us from A to B.

So from there we went into Caracas, a beautifuly crazy city with couçloured houses reaching far into the hill tops, cats and dogs everywhere and lots of busy people. Quite glad we did not stay for long as felt a bit chucked in at the deep end.

From there we had an AMAZING Bus Journey, photos to follow, on an old style Venezuelan bus with no seatbelts or door, dodgy windows, music blaring and a man hanging outside the front door. This was our first bus journey to a small coastal village on the otherside of the Jungle.

The bus took us up windy roads to the top of the mountain which is covered in lush rain forrest and very damp. We were so close to the edge of the cliff but i was too tired and ecçxcited to care I was keen to go higher! From there we went down the otherside of the mountain passing small Jungle Houses on the way. We finally arrived in Peurto Colombia, which was in the middle of the lightning storm. So after checking into a lovely hostel and grabbing some cervesas we sat by the sea and watched the storm )I was pretty scared that holding my can would cause me to get struck so i drank very quickly!

Our room is cute and we have decided to stay here for the next few days. At night all you can here is packs of dogs like wolves scrapping and bloody big chickens coo cooing but i can cope with that knowing Im here!

The next few days will consist of sleeping, beeching, eating, sleeping, beaching, eating, drinking and sleeping so Ill write again when I have some more interesting stories!

Love to you all from us both xxx

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19 days!

In 19 days Lewy and I will be getting on a one way flight to the sunny carribbean coast in Venezuela. We have booked our first night in a hotel and have a rough plan of where we would like to visit but other than that we are just going to take each day as it comes and see where we end up (hopefully with coctails and a sun tan!)

For the last year we have been saving our arses off, working two jobs and trying to only party once a week (has been tough!); and now that the adventure is creeping upon us we are rediculously excited! I am also filled to the brim with nerves and sadness of not seeing everyone for a year but Lewy is doing well to keep me calm... BRING IT ON!

I hope you enjoy reading about our journey as it evolves and have a laugh at our experiences!

Things to note:

> Please ignore my constant spelling mistakes
> Please ignore my terrible grammer
> Please email us and keep in touch!

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