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Hello lovely people,

I have just been reading back the first few blogs that we wrote... yikes I cant really believe that was us! Whether we were naive, crazy, brave or stupid... I don't know if I could some some of those things a second time. (The Venezuelan-Colombia border crossing and Colombia/Panama boat journey in particular). We are just coming up to being away 8 months and have traveled 8 fantastic Countries and passed through a whirlwind of experiences and emotions. We started with no fear, a hunger for adventure, excitement and Lewy perhaps for danger! We didn't care how many buses we had to take, where we slept or what street food we put into our bellies and we have made a awesome team and kept each other going through difficult, tired and horribly hot and stressful moments. It does help that Lewy only ever gets stressed when hes hungry (always an easy problem to solve!) I am quite surprised that I have not given up the dream by now and returned home to safe tap water, my little car, clean clothes, hot showers, mushrooms, popping up the pub and of course seeing the family and friends that we miss very much! Thank you Mr Man/Woman for inventing Skype o how we love you!

So now I sit in our living room looking out over three volcanoes, people sleeping away in hammocks and the sun beaming down (for the first time in weeks). We have been living here at Earth Lodge (www.earthlodgeguatemala.com) for the last month and we very much regret that it wont be our home for the next year. The guys who built this place from scratch are truly inspiring and they have hit a goldmine and made the perfect place for travelers to come and escape the bustling streets of Antigua and the perfect paradise for their two little children to grow up. We have felt very welcome here and enjoyed every moment, with fantastic food, picture perfect views and awesome people. Finally we dont have to move round to meet people anymore they come to us! And we are pretty much in the middle of nowhere and its quite a hike to get here so only decent travelers make it here, and we have made many fantastic friends in the last 4 weeks of people who have come and gone... you know who you are and thanks! I have also been helping at the local school twice a week with Art project which has been amazing, the kids are a dream to teach here and so adorable! Mayan children are seriously cute! And perhaps most importantly the three staff members Sophie, Emma and Jon (o sorry Jonathan!) Emma and Jonathan are a fantastic (rather quirky) couple with whom we have shared guitar/sing jams, stories from England, endless days lazing around and who have importantly inspired us to continue with the pursuit of teaching across the globe. And Sophie a marvelous joy from France who is always keeping us entertained and fed to the brim with wine and cake! I'm sure we will remain good friends after we leave this paradise. Thank you! WE WILL BE BACK!

This time 5 weeks ago we were worrying about money and contemplating the plan of returning home to save up again... then Lewy (or Luis as he is now often called) worked his magic! (I am so very proud!!!) After many painful long job application's and interviews we came across one job in particular which was in the perfect location for us, the perfect job for Lewy, with a chance to teach all age groups and work at a really nice school, but unfortunately not enough money for us both to live off. After the interview Lewy knew he wanted the job... unfortunatley it left us in a sticky situation as we would have to go into money we didn't have to live and live off rice and beans (again!) However after Lewy being offered the job and him mentioning my work experience (the little I have!), the lady (Lewys new boss) has worked really hard to find a paid role for me aswell! So we are very please that contracts have now been signed and we will be moving to our new home in Mexico, Phillipe de Carrillo for the next year. And who would have thought that the two of us have missed teaching!

And did I mention I AM SEEING MY MUM AND SISTER IN 14 DAYS!!!! I am so excited words cannot describe, I think I may cry a little bit! (Happy tears of course!) I wish the rest of the family were coming too... but don't worry we will be sending presents home for you via Mum and Laura! We are hoping Lewy's Parents will be able to visit us soon too as we miss you also... Lewy cries into his pillow every night because he misses his Mum haha (no pressure :)) We also have the lovely Jess and Paul coming to travel with us for 3 fantastic weeks of fun, sun and mexico... I hope they realize we are not as exciting as we once were when we started out- now we like comfy beds, healthy food and only the finest Gin! :) We are very excited to see them!

Finally finally HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lewy! We had a bit of a shindig last night and feeling a bit delicate today!

We will write again soon once we make it to Mexico. Thanks so much for reading this redicuously long blog!

Love you all muchly xx (p.s sorry England is so rainy!)

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hi you two,this sounds great, so pleased that all has worked out so well, take care and good luck, love you xxxxxxxxx

by Jan the Nan

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