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Hello happy campers!

I have the day off today so thought I'd send you an update. Iv just finished shaving all of Lewys hair off and so he is now running around the house excitedly and hairless cooking beans! Today has pretty much been a day of hand washing all our clothes. That's the one thing I will one day appreciate again... a washing machine of any type! We also made pancakes woop!

I should probably tell you all that Lewy and I went to Church for FOUR HOURS last Saturday night. Some local students had asked our American friend Armide if she could bring some Gringos to Church as they were doing a presentation about the USA. Due to a low number of American volunteers Lewy and I stepped in and pretended to be American.

Everyone greeted us and practiced their English on us. Out side the Church were five huge big stands representing different countries (Brazil with a musical band, a big pyramid for Egypt, Honduras and a Japanese restaurant with girls in Kimonos). They were all very impressive. The Team who put together the USA stand had an Emprire State building 5 foot tall, they were selling burgers and pepsi... and the funniest thing of all was that they had paper mached a model of the twin towers the same size as me! We were then told we would all be doing a presentation in front of the church and that they were going to blow up the Twin Towers!!! As Lewy and I creased at the mouths Armide explained about the Iraq War and that perhaps it wasn’t a suitable thing to do. Pah ha ha! Each Country did its own presentation and the USA was last. We were asked to walk down the middle of the church with our big rucksacks and big books to show how the USA are well traveled and educated as they can read big books. What an experience it was!!!!!

Last Sunday we had a 'Sunday Funday' on the beach organised by Jim one of the American volunteers. He made a barrel full of skippies (beer, vodka and lemonade... make up your own mind on how that tasted); we played volleyball, played wrestling matches in the sea.... Lewy and I were an almighty team and then danced on the beach as the sun went down. We were all then in bed and sound alseep by 10pm for work on Monday.

The new project is going well and is so different from the last. Lewy and I cycle to work on our retro bicycles in the morning to teach grades 2 and 3. Everyone shouts 'BYE' at us as we cycle past which cracks us up. Here they say 'adios' instead of hello when you pass by and so they persume its the same in English. There are between 3-5 kids in the class, sometimes 6 if were lucky! And they make enough noise to represent 30! The children are a lot poorer than the children in my last project. A lot of them wear the same clothes everyday and I can see nit eggs in their hair. And they all have grubby but gorgeous little faces and scars all over them. The grade twos are the poorest of them all but they all turn up to class proudly with their little handbags and a pencil! Then they scream and shout whilst we try to teach them a word like POTATO.

We then cycle home for lunch for two hours and then go back up in the afternoon for grades 4, 5 and 6. During this time I also tutor a little boy in forth grade called Kaynor for his reading in Spanish. I asked him if he wanted me to give him a day off tutoring so he could play with his friends and he told me he wants to be tutored everyday because he wants to be brilliant at reading and read big books... how can I possibly refuse that :) the afternoon classes generally have between 5-7 children. They have learnt a lot with their English so far I was very impressed! The six grade girls all have crushes on Lewy and were a bit standoffishy with me to begin with... god forbid they find out im his girlfriend!

Last thursday I was sat waiting for a class to turn up and Lewy called me to come outside. Sat under the big tree on the tyres were two tiny little first graders. They had asked lewy 'where is Austin'. Austin the volunteer had been teaching the first graders English under the tree everyday at 1pm but left a few weeks ago and cancelled classes. I was overcome by how cute it was that they were waiting for him and wanted to learn English. The little girl came up to my belly button and had a tiny little handbag with only a pencil in it and her brother was pushing her on his little bike. They were ADORABLE! So I gave them some color pencils and we played games for a while. Then she stood up and said “Iv had enough now thanks bye!” I'm going to try and restart up the class this week.

Yesterday cycling home down the road I got stuck behind a horse and heard of cows walking down the main road of the town. Behind them was a bus tooting its horn, 3 scooters and a few bicyclists and I cycled behind the cows for ten minutes! I was giggling the whole way and the cow hearder man was laughing at me because I was scared of the cows! These things would never happen at home I thought haha! Its these things that make me smile that I love about Central America.

We have found out about three family's living nearby who have no toilet and bathroom and so we are going to start a construction project tomorrow led by Jim the volunteer to build them a set of showers and toilets. This will be good for Lewy as he's going a little crazy from spending too much time with children!! In a good way I think, perhaps he's found his inner child haha!

Will update you again soon hope I have not waffled on too much. love you all tonnes x

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Oh i so enjoyed that story Kerri,lots of love to you both xxxxxxxxxxxx

by Jan the Nan

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