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I hate horses


The first weekend all of us volunteers went camping on the beach. It was a different beach from where we are living and so half of the people went by horseback on the way including Lewy (two hours); whilst the other half including me took a car and boat. The camping was awesome and we woke up at 7 and jumped straight in the warm clear sea. I had been making a fuss about how i really DID NOT WANT to get on the horse. I really hate horses. I don't know why people like them they are really ugly, smelly and have big teethy mouths. However Lewy and i have had this motto since traveling. I am not allowed to be scared as anything Lewy can do will be safe I am capable of doing also.

So I got on the fucking horse. Excuse my swearing but I feel very strongly against this horse. Please note Lewy went in the car. So I got on the horse Lewy had, he said it was really lazy and slow on the way and was always at the back. Perfect. It had been scoffing grass all morning I noticed. A little greedy horse.

I got on it and one of the farmers started leading whilst everyone else was still getting ready. Id had no instructions on what to do and my horse started following him despite me asking him to wait. Stupid horse. It was just the guy in front and my excitable horse, we had to cross through the river which had quite a current and i was a bit disturbed at the enthusiasm the horse had for this. The guy in front was 15 yard in front or so and my stupid horse started trotting to catch up. I was shouting shit shit and trying to get it to stop and walk by pulling the reigns. Instead the stupid horse started speeding up and we galloped past the guy with me shouting and screaming, he was shouting at me in Spanish. Didnt have a clue what he was going on about. Before i knew what was happening we were full speed galloping, my saddle was slipping around and i had no clue hat to do, i tried everything. This went on for atleast 4/5 minutes. I dropped the reigns and all I could do was hold one hand on the back of the saddle and one at the front.

I know I am a drama queen but I seriously thought I was going to either get thrown off, fall off and it would kick me in the face or id just pass out. For only 3 seconds did I think cowboys are cool. For the rest of the time it felt like I was on my own for ages. I decided to grab the reigns and steer the horse left of the beach into the waves and then I slid off the side of the horse whilst it was galloping. It must of looked hilarious. I was not laughing. It took a minute or so until the guy caught up and he went past me after the horse that was now in the distance. It took ten minutes until the rest of the group found. Pretty winded as I landed on my back and my knees all cut up :( The farmer made me get on another horse as we were so far away. After about ten minutes of completely freaking out every time it moved i decided to walk back. So yea I hate horses even more and we have changed the moto slightly!

A weekend in Paradise

Last weekend we went to some island called Cayos Cochinos. It was AMAZING. We stayed in little Cabanas, the only people on the tiny island. Drank rum and the natives home grown alcohol, snorkled (we saw a barakuda!) and generally lazed in the sun. I wont talk about this too much as i dont want to rub it in... But it was crystal clear water and white sand!

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